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Khaansama is a concept of Grow4Sure Consulting to help the hospitality sector find the right talent for their restaurants and hotels. Khaansama has been instrumental in hand picking the right talent for matching the requirements of the world's best restaurants and food chain industry.
Khaansama is a new-age recruitment consulting firm offering specialized services to clients across the globe. Khaansama offers a comprehensive consulting environment through a diverse team of recruiters that have a combined professional experience of 50 years across varied hospitality verticals. The firm presently has offices in Gurgaon, Houston and New York.
The founding partners of Khaansama are reputed Hospitality Business Consultants and Strategy Planners, who have advised, assisted and nurtured hundreds of clients for more than a decade now.

Through its focused, empathetic and innovative approach, Khaansama serves a wide range of industry stakeholders across all departments of hospitality, thereby eliminating the need for several different advisors.

Our Expertise

  • Over 5000+ Database of candidates across India
  • We also help you with your People Management & Compliances
  • We have an agency partner who does strong background checks done for all our candidates.
  • Payroll & employee management 
  • HR Compliances 
  • International Recruitment 

Our Team

We combine global expertise and local insight to help you