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We are looking for service staff who have work experience in Restaurant . Candidates should possess following skills: 1. Good Communication skills 2. Industry Knowledge 3. Flexibility 4. Ready to work in shifts 5. Able to answer any questions regarding menu and assist with menu selections. Salary is no constraint for deserving candidates. We also provide retention and Good service charge. Contact us at 9810062407 to know more details about the profiles. Direct interviews will be conducted with General Manager, post first round. and there will be no recruitment charges.

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We at Master Koii’s are delighted to serve you the choicest recipes across a wide oriental selection.
The ethos of our outlet lies in our staunch belief of procuring high quality produce and fresh cooking. Our specialty shall be in-house curating of Hand made Noodles, specially rolled for you by our chefs. Our secret recipe in house sauces, dressings and dips are also worth a mention
In this culinary adventure we take you across South East Asia with dishes ranging from the mysterious but delectable “Bibimbap” from Korea all the way to the classic and friendly fried rice with a MK twist. From the classic Rendang Curry of Malaysia to the ever-favorite Thai Red Curry. The Chinese hamburger and our Gimbap(Korean Sushi) shall surely surprise your palate pleasantly.
Understanding your rush for time and the luxury of a meal in the comfort of home, we pride ourselves in an efficient food delivery model. From a family bonding meal to an entertaining Party we assure of Prompt home delivery of freshly prepared orders with high hygienic standards and tast,e preserved packaging that commit you to sin on your tummy while saving your wallet.
Our menu boasts of a melange of innovative as well as classic dishes, ready to satiate your hunger and tinkle those taste buds! The ever-loving Master Koii is waiting for you to drop in for a meal at his kitchen in YOUR neighbourhood.

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