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The rapid growth of restaurants has significantly increased the demand of chefs and cooks, leading to shortage of staff in many kitchens. The time and effort required to find and hire a chef can be quite daunting. Khaansama, the best restaurant and hotel recruitment agency can act as your perfect hospitality staffing services partner, to alleviate this burden. We work on your behalf, diligently seeking out candidates who meet your specific criteria. With access to a vast network of potential candidates, we provide you Hospitality Staffing Services with a pool of suitable options to choose from. You don’t need to have a dedicated HR team and can rely on our services to handle the hiring process.

Services we provide, include but are not limited to:
Job advertising
Provide access to existing potential candidate pool
Search and find candidates matching your criteria
Conduct initial interviews on your behalf
Assistance during hiring process
Background check and verifications
Initial training and orientation
Grievance Handling
Payroll and other HR services
Seasonal, Part-Time and Permanent Hires

The Best Hospitality Staffing Agency for All Your Recruitment Needs

Khaansama excels one of the best hospitality staffing services and offers an extensive range of Chef positions, encompassing Special cuisines, Fine Dining, Bakery & Pastry, Industrial Catering, Offshore & Onshore Chefs and other restaurant staff, including stewards & bartender and other hospitality related business process managers. We source chefs from various countries and our database of global chefs is continually updated and made accessible to clients for their recruitment requirements.
By collaborating with us, you can divert your focus to other crucial areas of the restaurant that require attention. At Khaansama, we value expertise and experience, and are pleased to provide you with both. All our chefs and other kitchen staff are interviewed, pre-qualified and ready to help your business. Our dedicated team is fully committed to providing comprehensive and efficient recruitment services, capable of meeting substantial demands for staff hiring in the hospitality industry.

Are you struggling with resource hunting?

We understand how important for business owners is hunting right candidates for successful business operations. Khaansama has been helping restaurant owners and HR professionals from renowned hotel chains in sourcing top-tier talent to drive their business forward.

Call us anytime or post your enquiry & our expert global recruitment team will definitely help you.

What We Offer

Virtual HR

We help manage end to end HR for the business.


Finding the right talent for executing the required jobs.


We expertise at managing the monthly payroll.


Our seasoned trainers train the whole team of our

How we support you?

  • Talent attraction and screening
  • Staffing solutions tailored to your unique needs
  • 7 days a week operational support for our clients and team
  • On-site support
  • Payroll management

We will let them tell you!

Camellia Panjabi Group Director - Masala World

Chutney Mary has been using the recruitment services of Khaansama for all our London Fine Dine restaurants and they have been amazing.

Om CEO - Pasta Bowl Company

We are chain of restaurants with huge requirement of skilled kitchen staff. Khaansama has been with us for years on retainer basis.

Chef Vijay Sethi Executive Chef - Restaurant

Khaansama has helped me shape my career in hospitality. They helped me get an amazing opportunity with a big brand in Australia.

Ritu Memani Owner, Atara Hospitality

We are associated with Khaansama for more than 7 years now. We are very happy with their retainer model of HR & recruitment services.

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