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Hiring Indian Chefs Made Easy with Khaansama

Khaansama, a flagship product of Grow4sure Consulting is a leading Indian Cuisine Chefs recruitment agency supporting both clients and candidates making the recruitment process easy. We aim to provide hassle free placement of well trained and qualified chefs all across the globe with focus on North European countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and more. We have already placed a number of Indian chefs in Scandinavia and Nordic region.

We have also placed many Indian Cuisine chefs from India in Netherlands in recent years.

The craze for Indian food can be seen all across the globe and Europe is no exception. The original spices and herbs make Indian food a tasty yet healthy food alternate. Therefore, the Indian cooking science not only serves the body but also the heart, mind and soul, making it a great choice for all food lovers.

Indian food is also gaining popularity among many celebrities. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool series actor has recently been seen to endorse an Indian restaurant named ‘Light of India’ on his Instagram stories with tagline as “Best Indian Food in Europe”.

With ever increasing demand of Indian food in North Europe, the demand of Indian chefs has also seen a surge. Restaurateurs searching for talented Indian Cuisine Chefs can now find a relief with Khaansama. We understand your pain points and have a well-defined procedure to help you with the Indian Cuisine Chef hiring.

Indian Chefs in Europe

We focus on finding the best chefs for you.

 Indian Cuisine Chefs selected by Khansaama go through a several stages of selection process including in-depth interviews with our recruitment panel and food trials. Only the chefs clearing all the rounds are selected for further placements. Therefore, you need not to worry about the quality you wish to provide to your customers. Since Indian Cuisine consists of a variety of regional and traditional cuisines, we match the chefs to your required menus, thus helping you out with the right fit.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals make recommendations only after the thorough analysis of candidate’s suitability and provide the restaurateurs with the regular updates in regards to the hiring process. We have a great range of candidates available from different parts of India and provide fast processing of the client request.

We take care of Background Check Process for the chefs, we provide.

We understand that the background check of international staff is a tedious process and therefore we perform background check on our staff and provide you with the complete documentation. The training certificates/degrees are also verified along with the address and criminal records, leaving you assured with the right resource selection.

We also take care of the other important factors during candidate recommendation including:

  • Linguistic Abilities
  • Experience
  • Behavioral traits
  • Certifications in your preferred cuisines
  • References
  • Salary expectations and leaves

We conduct food trials to verify our chef’s skills.

While finding the best Indian Chefs for you, we don’t only focus on documents but also test their skills through real-time food trials. Our team carries real time food trials where the shortlisted chefs prepare dishes as per their portfolio to prove their skills. The whole process is recorded on camera for client reference.

The food prepared during the trials is tasted and assessed by our expert team before declaring the results. Apart from the taste, we also focus on testing other traits required by chefs during trials:

  • Leadership in Kitchen
  • Ordering the ingredients and appliances process
  • Effective inventory management
  • Ability to schedule/train other kitchen staff
  • Food packaging and presentation skills
  • Effectiveness in delegating all tasks including kitchen cleanliness
  • Attentiveness towards kitchen and food safety
  • Effective self presentation and customer interactions

In case you are on a visit to India or are planning a visit, we can also schedule live food trials for you. For more information, contact us at: hr@khaansama.in

Online / offline food trials as per your decided menu are also provided as a part of recruitment process to help you make the right decision.

We take care of the immigration formalities.

You don’t need to worry about the cumbersome process of staff immigration as Khaansama provides assistance with all the immigration formalities and documentation required. Any specific trainings / certifications required specifically for immigration to your country will also be taken care by the agency.

With our years of staffing and migration services experience, we assure you of the seamless and fastest immigration of the chefs provided by us. Once the staff has been matched, you don’t need to wait for months for the migration to happen. Our dedicated immigration department takes care of all the documentation and other required formalities to make the task of migration easy and less time consuming.

Khaansama has already earned a name in the staffing field with great ongoing relations with the current clients. We value our clients and aim to build numerous new long lasting client relationships.

For any enquiries, feel free to reach us at: hr@khaansama.in

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