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Why are Asian Chefs so in DEMAND!

Compared to the conventional fast food like burgers, pizza, tacos, burritos, and sandwiches, Asian food has got a better reputation across the globe due to its nutritional value. The variety of healthy ingredients used in Asian food makes it the favorite food of people across the globe.

In 2022, the Global Asian Food market accounted for USD 139.5 Billion and it is predicted to reach USD 231 Billion by 2028. Many exclusive and chained restaurants have earned names for serving Asian food across different continents. People are getting more inclined towards Asian food due to its superior taste, natural ingredients, and fair prices. The key reason behind the popularity of the Asian food is the variety available under this category.

Key Market Segments of the Asian Food are:

1. Oriental styles
2. Korean
3. Japanese
4. Chinese
5. Indonesian
6. Indian
7. Thai

The Global Asian Food market is prominent in areas (although not limited to):

1. North America
2. Europe
3. Asia Pacific
4. Latin America
5. Australia

Due to the increasing popularity of Asian food, the demand for Asian Chefs has also drastically increased.


An important factor behind this increasing demand is the experimental nature of the Asian Chefs. They keep making changes to the ingredients and the recipes to bring little changes in the dishes, keeping our desires for new tastes completely satisfied. The creative young Asian Chefs have taken the food fusion game to a whole new level.

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia has yet a lot to offer in the food industry. It has yet undiscovered innovative flavors which indicate an upcoming increase in demand as well. The consumer quest for new flavors keeps on increasing while the dim sums, sushi, teriyaki chicken, and staples of fried rice still remain the favorite food of people all across the world.

The food magazines and on-air culinary competitions have also added to the charm of the Asian Food Industry. Little herbs and spices used in Asian food are famous for their health benefits and keep on attracting new customers.


The increase in population and better work opportunities in the west has made many Asians to migrate to western countries. The immigrants brought with them, the tradition of Asian food and socializing. As the number of Asian immigrants has increased so has the number of Asian Businesses, the topmost among them being the food business.

The world has seen a more than 500% increase in Asian fast-food restaurants over the last decade which is the highest in any category of fast-food restaurants across the globe. This has provided Asian Chefs with an opportunity to take their careers global.

Let’s further explore the opportunities, Asian Chefs have in today’s world:

With ever-increasing demand, Asian chefs have a lot of work locations to choose from. Here is a peep into it:

Switzerland is a hotspot for Asian Chefs. It is among the topmost countries paying the highest net incomes for chefs and with the ever-expanding tourism industry and several chains of Asian restaurants.

The United States also has great net incomes for Asian Chefs ranging from $40k-200k per year. Every year, thousands of Asian Chefs visit the United States to expand their culinary skills and find a new home. There is an endless amount of opportunity for Asian Chefs in the United States accounting for many Asian restaurants and the customer base it has.

Australia is also one of the highest paying countries for Asian Chefs. Most of the Australian restaurants also provide accommodation and other similar facilities to most of their employees. The ever-growing Asian residents in Australia have also led to a tremendous increase in demand for Asian chefs.

The peaceful lands in and near New Zealand are also home to many Asian immigrants and therefore perfect workplace for Asian chefs.

Japan is also a great choice for Asian chefs. Japanese restaurants like to hire people across Asia because of their different styles of cooking. The living standards and net income are also great in Japan making it one of the desired places for Asian chefs to work at.

Ireland is a great place for English-speaking Asian Chefs to earn an average of 2500 Euros per month. According to a survey conducted by the Restaurant Association of Ireland, approx. 70,000 people left the hospitality industry and there is a shortage of chefs, making it a place to find jobs quickly.

Germany and France being Europe’s economic powerhouses offer Asian Chefs plenty of great employment opportunities great standard of living. Asian chefs can earn on an average 2000-3000 Euros per month in these countries.

Dubai and the UAE have been other top choices for Asian chefs. The thriving restaurant scenarios, cosmopolitan nature, and wealth of the emirates have acted as a magnet for Asian chefs.

Brazil, Estonia, Egypt, Spain, India, and Pakistan are other great markets for Asian chefs, though salary ranges tend to be quite wide in these countries. Chefs working with top-rated restaurants and luxury resorts earn substantially more than the chefs working at local restaurants.

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